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What kind of food do you sever at a wedding?

What kind of food do you sever at a wedding? I want a general idea of what you sever at a wedding repection or could you put all the food on a table and let your guest chose what they eat because you will have a variety of what they want to eat.


  1. You can do buffet, sit-down or finger foods. It depends on your style, tastes and the time the reception will begin. For our 6:30pm wedding reception, we're having a laid back, finger foods kinda thing but the food will be "hearty" enough to supplement dinner.
  2. i think you mean serve. my friend had bacon and sausage butties (rolls) at her wedding. FAB
  3. You can serve anything you want. Most weddings are either buffet-style or sit-down dinner. Buffet style is much easier because everyone can pick exactly what they want. With sit-down dinner, you have to send everyone cards in the invitations to see what their preference is, then have a seating chart to know who is who. We are serving chicken and steak at my wedding, with the choice of either mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, vegetables, salad, and rolls. Like I said before, you can choose anything you would like.
  4. What you serve at your wedding reception should depend on your theme and your budget. If you're having an informal wedding you might want to do informal food like meatballs. A more formal wedding you may want to have a plated meal. It's totally dependent upon the vibe and the budget. Keep in mind that it could get VERY expensive.
  5. buffet with a variety of what they want and they serve themselves finger foods, desserts only cake and Champagne only full meal answer mine please http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090324093729AAr32j9&r=w
  6. I wish i could have lots of variety foods for my guests.For example: Chicken ,lots various of salads.etc..I want to serve light foods for my guests.Maybe at first , serve can be hors d'oeuvres.Then through the comes main dish/Chicken/Fish or other meats. There has to be lots of non-alcohol drinks and alcohol drinks.Fruits and Cream cakes , sure.
  7. McDonald's
  8. there are 4 options 1) sit down meal - all served a plated meal - generally the same dish but sometimes a couple options where they choose on their RSVP 2) buffet style - 2-3 meats and various sides 3) family style - not a big seller anymore but is often still done by ethnic caterers, usually more expensive. this is where they put platters of food onto each table like you would do "at home" 4) food stations - variety of little mini buffets with different themes - carving station, pasta, orietal, sushi, mexican - you name it the actual food should be something you like and most people would enjoy. they vary due to location, ethnic background, budget and family favorites.
  9. We just had a reception with wedding cake and punch, nuts and mints. I think sometimes people spend way too much to feed a lot of people a fancy sit-down meal. When my son got married, they organized a buffet meal with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies, salad and wedding cake for dessert. The family did all the cooking, so it wasn't too expensive.

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