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Making a bed and breakfast different than the rest?

I'm doing an entrepreneurial assignment, and we need to make a business plan, i was going to make mine on a bed and breakfast, any ideas on how i can make a bed and breakfast somehow different than other bed and breakfasts?


  1. Now, this doesn't answer your question directly, but I was thinking just the other day... wouldn't it be awesome to have a RESTAURANT that was called BREAKFAST IN BED?? And that's what families or couples or singles would do....come to breakfast in casual or streetwear, climb into any one of fifteen plush queen or king-sized beds treated with food stain retardants, and enjoy a delicious array of breakfast foods, coffees, cocoas and other breakfast and brunch variety under cover. I would create alcoves or nooks where each bed was positioned to allow for some privacy without shutting out the rest of the world. On your bed and breakfast idea, there really are few untried options nowadays. If you're looking for some really unique ideas that you can build on, go to the Odd Inns and Uncommodations website and check out all the strange and eccentric hotels, B&Bs, and lodgings that exist around the world!! There are some located up high in treetops, underwater, in caves, airplanes, traincars, ice castles and more, and their decorating themes and locations are enough to scream UNIQUE. http://www.oddinns.com/ You can make yours unique any number of ways... based on decorating themes, location, services, price, food menu, additional ammenities, discounts or free tickets to local sports and entertainment, and so forth. You might keep in mind that a lot of the reason why people choose a B&B is for the cozy, family-like accommodations with personalized service, home-made cooking and warm conversation with others around the breakfast table. They also prefer the quiet privacy of coming and going unannounced to the rest of the clientele. Keep these ideas in mind as you plan for a unique B&B of your own. *

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